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144hz monitor only showing 60hz reddit com/r/nvidia/comments/4i4399/  22 Dec 2016 If human eyes cannot see things beyond 60Hz, why are 120Hz/144Hz monitors better? This question was originally answered on Quora by  If so, that really sucks because I only own one 144Hz monitor. It's 1080p and I have it plugged into a displayport. 16 60 Hz 37. 24, but honestly, during my time with the monitor, The gameplay was silky smooth and honestly so much more fluid than at 60Hz or even 75Hz. reddit. If they clone the main monitor, then this explains the 60Hz refresh rate, as all forums or on some reddit threads a lot of people have issue with this Select the monitor that isn't displaying properly (in my case it simply said "Digital Display" 13 Nov 2016 I wrote up a tutorial on Reddit explaining how to lock your FPS to 60 to prevent the physics from going haywire if you're using a 144Hz monitor. com/answers/id-3518735/dual-144hz-60hz-monitors-locked-60hz-watching- video-gaming. 3 days ago We have reviewed the best gaming monitors for upcoming Xbox Series X console. 6 Feb 2019 AOC still produce office and consumer displays as well as making This new avenue led to their gaming monitor division AGON which pixel density is only 93. Posted by Abomlol: “Don't buy a 144hz Monitor if you run Windows 10/Nvidia” I have 3 identical 144hz monitors all connected via 1 DVI and 2 DVI to Display Port eyes are not just accustomed to the 165hz refresh rate that 60hz looks "not as It involves downloading Custom Resolution Utility. . It only lets me chose 60hz So our IT teacher was showing us how to build a computer, and everything went fine until he  Using display port, windows says I can only use 64hz. com/r/  The PSA on reddit even told you as much. CPU: Intel i5  144Hz Samsung monitor only displaying 60Hz? Bought a Samsung LC27JG52QQNXZA, its advertised as 144Hz but on display and in windows settings says it  Currently my monitor is set to 144 hz, but when I do hz test on the web, it says I am currently running 60hz. Just set the 144hz monitor to 120hz and move. I've not got a 144hz screen so don't know. I know it's because of the cable I use( an old hdmi) so I tried … Stuck at 60HZ on a 144HZ monitor, need help! Running a 880M Nvidia GPU, the Laptop itself goes up to 120hz, the screen i'm Just let me be happy ffs. I cant … So, I have a BENQ ZOWIE XL2411P Monitor and It has 144 Hz and only shows 60hz. 5 days ago Full HD 60Hz gaming monitors are so 2010. html; https://www. I recently bought a Samsung LC27JG52QQUXEN and for some reason it only shows 60hz? I checked in nvidia control panel and I can't change … Its hooked up to my g3 with an hdmi cable. . Xbox is just released and It is getting more and more difficult to find a 2. 3. I am using a Displayport cable … i have a 144hz monitor, and using hdmi only gets it to 60hz on some games, but i know a display port can make it 144hz, thing is my monitor doesnt … Literally because of this exact fucking issue I plan to upgrade my side monitors at some point to 144hz panels which should only cost somewhere in range of  However, If I re-enable my 60hz monitor, it's like it brings my 144hz monitor down to 60 and judders just like it. 6 Jan 2018 I recently purchased a 144Hz monitor, it is setup correctly and displaying 144Hz in Windows. anyone with more than 60Hz refresh rate is going to have physics issues, or you can just switch your refresh rate to 60hertz before yous tart the game like i do. I tried tampering around and can't seem to find a way for windows to allow me to get 144hz. 19 May 2020 The only difference is, a Retina enabled display will look nicer because it's For software development and occasional gaming 60hz is fine. And, when you pair that display area with a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, you can get a strong for a 100x100 VESA mount, so you can tweak your setup to be just how you like. I highly doubt you can really tell the difference from 120 and 144  Reddit user u/Glennwing pointed out that the problem is that, since the display interface used with these monitors (DisplayPort 1. Hey guys. Using the monitor's built in fps counter it shows  Like showing 24hz content on a 60hz screen. Not only does it provide you with a more enjoyable and responsive get an advantage over your opponents who have regular 60Hz displays. toggle menu Acer   There are several Threads on every Computer related Board and reddit, but after You will instant notice, that your 144hz Screen will drop FPS and therefore is (its the only "real" Solution to stop this bug while gaming) while running some  Hello, I have an Asus MG248Q monitor which has a 144hz refresh rate. I have a asus vg278q monitor and it's 144 hz but it says I only get 60 hz and in my monitor settings it says 60hz too. If I got a 1080p 144hz monitor would there be any downsides to using it with the PS4 Pro Currently looking at this monitor which is only 60hz. https://www. If only the 144Hz monitor is connected it works fine there too. Ive seen some people saying only display port does 144, some people say hdmi does too past 1. 0 port and is capable of 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate in 2017. I'd hope they were clever enough to adjust for full screen content. My GPU has 3  2 days ago If you're playing competitive games, a 144Hz gaming monitor is definitely worth it. 144hz monitor only showing 60hz reddit

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